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Tang Xianzu: The Master of Chinese Playwriting

Tang Xianzu,(1368-1644) also known by his courtesy name Yireng (義仍), is one of the most celebrated playwrights in Chinese history. Born in Linchuan, Jiangxi province, Tang lived during the Ming dynasty and served as an official during the reign of the Wanli Emperor. However, it was his masterpieces in playwriting that truly made him famous.

The Relevance of Mahatma to China in the 21st Century

Mahatma Gandhi’s influences have prevailed over the world in the 21st century, including in China. Among other things, his autobiography, his non-violence, his simple living & high thinking and his pursuit of public good find lovers and adherents in 21st century’s China.

Cultural Conveyor   

One day in October 2009, I was at a railway station in Rennes, France, with a suitcase waiting for a train to Lyon via Paris.

Insights from the 2019 International Seminar on Mahayana Buddhism at Shaolin Temple

Bodhidharma’s role in the development of Chan Buddhism, which emphasizes meditation and direct experience over-reliance on scriptures and dogma. According to Chinese legend, Bodhidharma travelled to China in the 5th century and became the first patriarch of Chan Buddhism, also known as Zen in Japan.

Translating Chinese Literature: Cross-cultural Communication

In 2012, Chinese writer Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize in Literature, and his works have since been translated into at least 40 languages with more than 200 versions read worldwide.

Kiddie Translation

“The more I read and translate children’s literature, the more layers I find that marvel me,” said Xu Derong, a translator-professor with the Ocean University of China. Starting with a pure interest in translation, Xu has gradually discovered the profound and mesmerizing world of translating children’s literature and devoted 16 years of his life to it.

The Life and Contributions of Prof. Huang Xinchuan in Promoting Indian Culture and Strengthening India-China Relations

Prof. Huang Xinchuan was a renowned scholar, an outstanding member of the Communist Party of China, and a member of the Honorary Department of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He made significant contributions to the promotion of Indian culture and strengthening the India-China relationship. Prof. Huang passed away on February 10, 2021, in Beijing at the age of 93.

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