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Divided by Routes, United by Culture

India and China, two ancient civilizations with rich cultural heritage, have been engaged in cultural exchanges for centuries. One of the most notable aspects of this exchange has been the practice of yoga, which has gained immense popularity in both countries in recent years.

“China-India” and the promise of the power of two

Asian Century will happen when China and India come together.

Cultural Conveyor   

One day in October 2009, I was at a railway station in Rennes, France, with a suitcase waiting for a train to Lyon via Paris.

The story of “Me and India”

Her name is Sun Dan, comes from Shanghai, China. She has been inextricably bound up with India since she met yoga in 2009.

China, India key shapers of the Asian Century

It is necessary to look at the key components of cultural and people-to-people exchanges between the two civilizations as well as opportunities for rapprochement in a variety of fields such as health, education, tourism and natural heritage conservation in order to enable the development of appropriate interaction between India and China.

Kiddie Translation

“The more I read and translate children’s literature, the more layers I find that marvel me,” said Xu Derong, a translator-professor with the Ocean University of China. Starting with a pure interest in translation, Xu has gradually discovered the profound and mesmerizing world of translating children’s literature and devoted 16 years of his life to it.

Tong Xintian – founder of Tong Style Calligraphy

courtesy name is Sifei, from Shenqiu, Henan is the founder of Tong Style Calligraphy, He is currently the chairman of the Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Review Association, a director of the Central State Organ Calligraphers Association,.....

Facing the Future and Charting a new course for the Dragon-Elephant tango

The year 2020 marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the People's Republic of China and the Republic of India. In this context, China and India had planned to organize 70 activities to commemorate the 70th anniversary. However, the sudden outbreak of Covid-19 early in the year disrupted our plan, and India resolutely adopted nationwide lockdown at the end of March, making it difficult to carry out large-scale programs of celebration. Therefore, we chose to compile a commemorative collection; inviting friends from all walks of life to write down their thoughts and feelings on Sino-Indian relations. After months of preparation and untiring efforts of nearly 60 authors, this collection finally comes out at the end of this year.

Strengthening India-China Relations: The Role of India-China Friendship Association Punjab and Chandigarh Chapter

ICFA Punjab and Chandigarh Chapter was founded in 1977 by a group of intellectuals comprising educationists, journalists, lawyers, and industrialists, under the leadership of late Prof. Tara Chand Gupta, late Major Jewan Tewari, and Barrister Roshan Lal Batta. Since 2017, the organization is being led by Barrister Roshan Lal Batta (President), Rajender Mohan Kashyap (General Secretary), and Mrs. Geeta Sharma (Cashier).

Mr. Dev Raturi: An Indian Cultural Ambassador in China

Mr. Dev Raturi, also known as “德福,” is an accomplished Indian actor and entrepreneur in China. He is the founder and brand ambassador of the Redfort Group and Amber Palace Indian Cultural-themed Restaurant located in the Xi’an, Shaanxi of China.

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