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Exploring the rich history of India-China cultural exchange: A review of the Encyclopedia of India-China Cultural Contacts

The Encyclopedia of China-India Cultural Contact is a comprehensive reference work that covers the long and complex history of cultural exchange between China and India. It includes articles on various aspects of cultural exchange between the two countries, including art, literature, religion, philosophy, science, and more. The encyclopedia aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the ways in which the cultures of China and India have interacted and influenced each other throughout history.

The Encyclopedia of China-India Cultural Contact was edited by Himanshu Prabha Ray and published by Sage Publications in 2011. It is a multidisciplinary work that brings together the expertise of scholars from a range of fields, including history, anthropology, religion, and literature. The encyclopedia is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the cultural interactions between China and India and the ways in which these interactions have shaped the cultures and societies of both countries.

n 2014, India and China celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Panchsheel Treaty, and to mark the occasion, Hamid Ansari, who was vice president of India at the time, travelled to China. The book examined India and China’s journey over time through the prism of cultural exchange as a continuation of their bilateral connections. The Hon’ble Vice Presidents of China and India launched it on June 30,2014. The work of compilation of the encyclopedia was undertaken by a joint compilation committee comprising of officials and scholars from both India and China. The encyclopedia was released in both English and Chinese versions. It features over 700 entries, encapsulating the rich history of contacts and exchanges between the two countries in the trade, economic, literary, cultural and philosophical spheres.

Encyclopedia Of India-China Cultural Contacts

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