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The Bodhidharma Cave: A Sacred Site of Zen Buddhism in Nanjing, China

 by Dr. Das

Ancient Bodhidharma Cave is located at the Muyan Riverside Scenic Belt in Nanjing, Jiangsu province. the Bodhidharma cave was built in honor of the Indian monk Damo, also known as Bodhidharma, the first person to bring Buddhism to China in AD 527. According to legend, he rested in the cave when traveling to northern China along the Yangtze River in Nanjing 1,600 years ago. There are 101 bronze statues of Bodhidharma with different expressions, set in 101 shrines in a three-layered natural cave on the slopes near Wumadu square. The 101 statues and seven reliefs in the scenic area were created by sculpture master Sun Jiabin and his son Sun Yu from 250 tons of bronze materials.

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