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The story of “Me and India”

article by Miss Sun Dan – Founder of The Rainbow Planet 

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Her name is Sun Dan, comes from Shanghai, China. She has been inextricably bound up with India since she met yoga in 2009. But actually, this predestined seed had been buried as early as her thirteen. She still remembers the scene of that day: When she walks into a bookstore to find a thin book with a black-and-white cover near a french window and buys the first spiritual book of her life in the end. The book is called “Death” ,and it’s written by Osho. Besides, she is also fond of and resonates with the ideology of many other spiritual instructors, masters and sages such as Buddha, Sankara, Ramana Mahasi, Krishnamurti, Yogi Bhajan and Sadhguru, etc. All of this makes her feel very close with indian spiritual culture.

Moreover, she is fascinated with indian musical films or something as well and participates in it sometimes, for she is keen on music from childhood and studied different instruments and dances during her growing-up years and performed on stages, salons and festivals including Bollywood dance for entertainment. In 2018, she also actively assisted both the Indian and Chinese sides in introducing South Indian films to the Chinese market though eventually, it didn’t work out.

      But if you ask her what the deepest connection with India is,Auroville must jump out first.All of this has to start from an article introducing Auroville she saw in a Wechat group on a certain day in 2014. An idea came to her that she wanted to go to India instantly as soon as she finished reading it. But she didn’t have any friend there and also didn’t understand the reality of India at the time.All of a sudden, she found a familiar head portrait on her wechat list which was just Matrimandir someday after one month. Hence, she contacted with him immediately, and surprisedly found that he is not only local people but also a tour guide…Ultimately she fulfilled her wish after six months. Overall,this one-month solo travel completely changed her original idea of India. Not only that, she harvested wonderful memories and beautiful friendships at the same time. India happened to meet with big difficulties during her second visit. Those economic, political factors and natural disasters prevented many tourists from traveling. But she had a good time in both south and north India for two months with the help of the local friends. Many warm stories happened during it. They were all recorded in the Traversing-Oneness Journey series of Rainbow Planet. (Rainbow Planet is a window of New Human and New Earth in brief. It’s founded by Sun Dan. One of its five themes is on Pantisocracy, which is relevant to traveling. That’s also the reason why she is attached by Auroville extraordinarily). 

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 Until now, she can still clearly recall the unforgettable moment that She and Shive becomes one when she turns round from the top of Shiva mountain with a blazing fire from the linga, seeing the shining Shiva temple at the foot of the mountain under a starry sky in the annual grand festival of Shiva in Tiruvannamalai.Actually the main purpose for second visit was to join this festival.In New Delhi, she experienced her first Spring Festival out of China in local’s. All the family members treated her well, showed her around, gave her gifts and sent her off,all of which made her very touched.Her third visit to India is mainly for Sripuram, The largest golden temple in the world which welcomes the devotees from all religions and backgrounds.She was deeply moved by its philanthropism and communism.Actually she already got an idea of setting a special travel route in Tamil Nadu at the time which includes Sripuram. Coz she really loves everything about Tamil Nadu and wanna share it to more people. Besides, she also found very less Chinese had been there. Then she began to plan after returning home and organized a group to visit India after seven months. The first organization was very successful.Her local friends did her a great favor. Furthermore, her group was interviewed in Mamallapuram and was reported on local TV that night. Three months later she organized a second time.Later the epidemic outbreak swept the globe…

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She finds Tamil Nadu involves profound historical culture with the deepening of the understanding of it. What she gets most interested in among it is an ancient continent named Kumari Kandam which sank down into the Indian Ocean 10000 years ago. She thinks it’s related to The Lost Continent of Mu. This civilization has a very long history, which is even older than Atlantics. She believes present Tamil must still keep the relevant information of it and thinks unlocking those information has great significance for exploring the Origin of Human Beings and the Reality of the Planet Earth. Especially in the Age of Aquarius, everyone has to go back into the Inner and recall their real identity. Therefore, this historical heritage not only belongs to India but also to the World. Moreover, she will visit all the holy places she knows in India gradually in the near future and transfer the downloaded information about New Humans and New Earth by Rainbow Planet.

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India is a very special country on this planet. Her presence plays an important role in promoting human unity. She just likes a test field, a microcosm of the world culture which contains almost all the major religions of the world. She is deeply convinced that the world will move towards Pantisocracy if people living in this land with different cultural backgrounds, beliefs and races  can come together hand in hand.

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Her Chinese surname,“Sun” means sun in English and “Dan”(corresponding Chinese character) means red in Chinese. So the combined meaning of her name is Red Sun, which is just like her fiery personality and her fervent wish that the world realizes pantisocracy as early as possible. In this regard, Chinese political stand and Indian spiritual culture are the same. Thus, she is very willing to enhance its interactions and both deep culture and hopes to see the rising eastern civilization nourishing the world in this New Era!

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